Monday, April 15, 2013

Pastor Matt’s Though April 2013
Spring Is Here!

At last spring is here! The trees are  budding and the grass is green. Everywhere you look there is new life. The sunshine and the birds singing seems to put some pep in everyone’s step. I love the spring time because in many ways it reminds me of the awesome love of our Heavenly Father. How do the trees know it’s time to bud? How is it all the babies of the forest are born at this time? Why because it’s all in the grand design of our Almighty God! As I think of spring with all its magnificent workings, I am reminded of Psalm 8:4 (Amp.) David asked, “What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of (earth born) man that you care for him?”
The truth is, God has this great big universe to take care of, but we are the crown of His creation! Life has its seasons too. Maybe you have been going through a cold, dry, seemingly dead season in your life. I certainly have had my share of them. On a spiritual level it’s hard to read the Word. It’s hard to pray, it’s hard to worship and even harder to come to church. As much as it’s hard to believe those cold, dry winter months are necessary. As a son of a farmer, I am positive that my dad did not look forward to going right back into the field after harvest to plow it under. But if he wanted the ground prepared for next spring he needed to do it regardless of how he felt. The point is, we have to continue to do what we must do knowing spring is just around the corner. When the spring time comes, reading God’s word is easy. Praying becomes easy again, etc. None of this would be possible without those dreaded winter seasons of our lives. As we embrace spring and all its blessings. Pause for a moment and think about this. This God who created all that is going on (the budding of the trees, the greening of the grass, etc.) is the God who loves  you above all. Spring is here, and new life comes with it.

Pastor Matt

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